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Related article: Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:24:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 12Exploring, Part 12
By Later that week I spoke with Chris on the phone:
"Well, I met with Jim Roberts, and I don't think
there's any danger of him publicizing what he knows or
suspects. He's pretty sure Simon was a mob hit, but
the cops would have a hard time proving it because the
people who did it were pros. Anyway, Jim has his own
reasons for not making a big deal out of it, the main
one being that he was cut too and doesn't like it. In
fact, he wanted information about restoration and I
told him I'd try to get you and him together."
"You and he do anything together?" Chris asked
"Yeah, I docked him. He was wild about that, and he
really drained himself. He's really hot about
restoration now." Chris and I spoke for a few more
minutes, and we decided that he'd come to my place on
Saturday morning, if Jim Roberts was able to make it.
Even if he wasn't, Chris would come anyway. I phoned
Jim and suggested Saturday morning as a rendezvous,
and he readily agreed, on the condition that he didn't
get a last-minute assignment.
Both showed up right on the dot of seven that
Saturday, and Jim was excited, spluttering about
something he'd heard on the car radio. As none of us
were hungry that early, we went into the kitchen and
drank coffee. I didn't even make the formal
introductions, but turned on the small TV on the wall
before pouring the coffee.
"Dr. George was shot leaving his home," the announcer
said in her usual breathless tone of voice. "Police
say the sniper used a .300 Magnum rifle and hit him
directly in the spine, the bullet penetrating to burst
his heart and blow out the front of his chest. Dr.
George was on the way to play an early morning game of
golf when he was struck down, and police say it's too
early in the case to make any statement regarding
"Sounds like our boy or boys," Jim said. Chris and I
remained silent, not wanting lolita wetting her panties to let Jim know that we
had babe loli pic rompl any special interest in the killings. Rather, we
were going out of our way to convince him that we were
coping with our circumcisions by restoring.
"Want to tell Chris about it?" I suggested to Jim. "I
don't think he knows about the shootings around the
"Well, Chris, remember how several years ago some
people were shooting abortion doctors around the
Chris nodded and Jim continued:
"Now somebody's shooting circumcising doctors. At
least, that's the only pattern I can find. There have
been at least half a dozen doctors killed during the
last year or so, and all have some connection with
circumcising babies. Some are OBs, others are
pediatricians, and others are promoting infant
circumcision in newspaper articles or TV talk shows."
"I'd never heard of that," Chris lied with a straight
"This guy shot this morning, I bet he has some
connection. I'd bet a hundred dollars he's not a
radiologist or psychiatrist."
"I wouldn't take you up on that," I said. "It fits the
pattern you outlined to me the other day."
"Is it one shooter or more than one?" Chris asked.
"I think it's more than one," replied Jim. "Probably
several around the country, since these doctors were
killed in desired angels portal lolitas different states and with different guns."
"Doctor Simon got blown up right nude russian lolita pictures in his car," I
pointed out. "That seemed to be a mob hit."
"Several somebodies seem to be real pissed at the guys
who circumcised them," said Chris.
"I don't blame them," said Jim. "I remember how I felt
when I found out my dick had been clipped. I'd asked
my mother why my desired angels portal lolitas dick looked different from the boy
next door's, and that's when she told me the end had
been cut off. She told me how I cried each time she
changed the bandage, and how there was a spot of blood
on the bandage each time for a week, until it healed."
"I know you want to see how Chris stretched his shaft
skin to form a new foreskin," I said. "Maybe we should
just turn off the TV and have a show-and-tell." I
opened my bathrobe and the others unzipped.
"See the differences between my cock and Jack's?"
asked Chris.
"Yes, Jack's skin is reddish and rough at the end and
there's a scar between the shaft skin and the scrotal
graft," Jim answered. "Yours is smooth right to the
end, and there's no scar."
"Right," Chris said. "There is a difference between
mine and a natural skin, though. Mine has a wide
opening because it's shaft skin, and it doesn't taper
down at the end the way a natural skin would."
"The normal foreskin has a ring muscle right at the
end that keeps it in a tight pucker on most guys who
haven't been cut," I added. The ring muscle on Chris's
foreskin was removed during his circumcision, so it
might not ever develop a taper."
"Still, I like the way it overhangs the head, just
like yours, Jack," Jim replied. I guess they both work
pretty well, don't they?"
"They do," I replied. "One difference is that my new
hood is not as sensitive as the one on Chris, because
when the surgeon cut the skin to graft it he cut the
nerves. It's a bit numb."
"Don't you have any feeling in it at all?" asked Jim.
"I do, but not much," I explained. "There's no erotic
feeling, but I can feel pain. The one on Chris is just
like normal shaft skin. The nerves are all connected."
"I don't get the nice sensations uncut guys get from
their inner lining, which is very lolita nude picture gallery sensitive," Chris
explained. "Also, I don't get the nice stretching
sensation when I skin back. Uncut guys feel the ring
muscle at the end of their skins stretching as it
expands over the head."
"Skin back, Chris," I asked. When he did I said to
"You can see the circumcision scar on the inside of
his new foreskin. It's about half an inch back from
the rim, so he's got that much inner lining left.
Also, he's still got his frenulum." I pointed to the
underside of the mushroom glans, where the triangular
groove was filled with a strip of pink mucus membrane.
Now I retracted my foreskin all the way and continued:
"You can see that I don't have much inner lining left,
and when the doctor circumcised me he also took the
frenulum. The only good thing is that my scar ring
used to be very thick and brown, but it's been fading
ever since I got plastic surgery. I lolitas underground bear hug
think scars tend
to fade in a wet environment." I noticed that Jim had
wrapped his fingers around Chris's penis and was
slowly stroking the foreskin.
"Maybe we'd better get in the bedroom," Chris
suggested. I agreed and led the way. We quickly got
naked, and I knew that we'd soon be experiencing
orgasms. We were all at least half-hard, Jim's prick
the hardest because the newness of seeing and handling
two restored foreskins was very arousing for him.
`Last time Jack docked me," Jim said to Chris. "Could
you do it this time? I know exactly what to do." He
sat beside Chris and began pumping his foreskin
steadily, bringing his prick to full hardness within
seconds. Mine reached full erection as well, although
no hand except mine had touched my penis. The
vicarious excitement was affecting me profoundly.
"That feels good, very good, Jim," Chris said. "Now
that I've got a new skin, being stroked is a lot more
"You've got your birthright back," replied Jim. "I
guess if you were able to stretch your skin I could do
it too." Jim's five-inch erection was at full mast and
the bare head japanes teen lolita porn
was bulging with excitement. I avoided
touching it because I knew that Jim wanted to have his
orgasm inside Chris's foreskin. Instead I cupped
Chris's balls.
Jim and I watched, fascinated, as the foreskin
expanded and slid back to reveal the mushroom head,
and then slid forward to envelop it again, ending in a
thick pucker at the top of the stroke. We knew that
the nerve endings stretched as the hood slid back over
the expanding head, with its high ridge.
"Your tip's getting larger and darker, just like
Jack's did when I stroked him the other day," Jim
said. "You're getting more excited." Chris was also
leaking copious lubricant that rolled out from between
the lips of his long slit and wet his glans and
"Yeah, Jim, you'll have my load soon," Chris
whispered. Chris was staring at his prick as Jim's
fingers expertly worked the foreskin up and down in
long strokes. He was very excited and I reached for a
towel tp spread on his chest and abdomen. His balls
were tight between my fingers, pulled sharply up
against his body, and I gently placed my fingertips on
his perineum behind his scrotum.
"I'm glad you've got lots of skin," Jim whispered to
him. "That lets me give you long strokes. I think
uncut guys really enjoy those long slow strokes."
"You're right," I reassured him. "Chris is almost
ready to pop and you haven't been working very hard on
his prick. I can tell you've done uncut guys before."
"I spent a year in Europe in the Army," Jim said.
"Most guys in Europe still have their skins."
"Yeah, they don't do that shit over there," Chris
said. He was now on his back, head propped up by two
pillows, avidly watching Jim stimulating his prick.
His hot hard glans glistened in the room's soft light,
and we all knew that he would pop his load in seconds.
His legs began to tremble and he moaned:
"Oooohhh, I can't hold it any longer." I felt a hard
throb in his perineum as the first load shot through
his urethra, and an instant later I watched the thick
creamy jet shoot through the lips of his slit to arc
through the air and land on the towel. Chris threw his
head back and moaned loudly as I felt a second pulse
hit my fingertips. His urethra throbbed and another
rope of ejaculate erupted from the end of his dark
purple glans. Jim gave the foreskin a quick twist and
Chris yelped as his body responded, shooting another
torrent of hot cream into the air.
Now Jim stripped the foreskin right back to bare the
glans completely, and his urethra once more pulsed
against my fingertips. The fourth jet erupted with
less force, although Chris was moaning loudly as the
fury of his orgasm dominated his consciousness. Jim
held the skin back hard, stretching the nerve endings
in the gee-string, as Chris unloaded several more
Now Chris became still, his energy spent, and he
closed his eyes.
Continued in Part 13
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